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Contribute To The Future Of Your Community

Why I'm Running

Born and raised here in Georgia, I grew up watching my mom, a public school teacher, and my dad, a Vietnam veteran and architect, work hard to raise me and my two older brothers.

I attended Oglethorpe University where I met my wife, Kalen. We graduated and were married in 2002 and in 2005 decided to find a house in a community that we could call home. We put our entire life savings into this house we still live in today – where we are now raising our 11-year-old daughter.

Throughout my life – from being in student government at Oglethorpe University, to fighting East Cobb cityhood with the East Cobb Alliance, to serving as East Cobb Liaison on Commissioner Richardson’s Community Cabinet – I have believed in community empowerment.

In my professional career, I specialize in bringing people together to achieve a common goal and I have been able to apply that talent to my community.

I have had the opportunity to sit at the kitchen table with residents and listen to their concerns, have helped address actual problems in the county and have seen first-hand the ways the Commissioners can directly improve the lives of Cobb residents.

I will be ready on day one to be a part of a Commission dedicated to meeting the needs of a growing Cobb County, improving your experience and building a better future for all of us and the next generation.

Kevin standing in a field of flowers next to young daughter
Kevin standing at a forum in front of seated rows of community members

Community Focused

Increased engagement with the community

Empower you with your voice to create change

Unrelenting focus on your experience in Cobb

Picture of county vehicle working on traffic lights at an intersection

Operation Focused

Intentional budget planning for Cobb

Strategic decisions that create long term benefits

Proactive infrastructure modernization

Kevin looking out of a suite window at Truist ballpark

Future Focused

Smart planning for our rising residential growth

Help our local business community thrive

Make Cobb a fun and safe place to play for everyone

Kevin standing with young daughter and wife in front of a fence

We Have a Future To Build

We have a responsibility to build a better future in Cobb for our children, our seniors, and all our friends and family who live in our community.

I want to make Cobb a place that my daughter can be proud to call home when she grows up.

A county that cares about our aging seniors, where they can live with dignity, and with the resources to stay connected – like access to transportation and healthcare.

A community that honors those who built what we enjoy here while also embracing the new residents who now call Cobb home.

A home for the next generation, one that welcomes them, connects them, educates them, and employs them.

Contribute To The Future Of Your Community

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